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Booking Online with Opal is Simple!

- If you already have a MyOpal account, you can login below, and will be taken through the booking steps for your chosen hall.

- If you do not yet have a MyOpal account, creating one is simple... just click on the "Don't Have an Account? Create One Here" link below, and you will be asked for some standard details.

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- Once you have an account, you'll be taken through a few screens where you can confirm your room preferences, list any friends you want to book with, fill in your payment preferences etc.

- Once you've submitted your booking, we'll process your application and send you a few documents to review, sign and send back to us - then your booking will be complete!

You'll be able to check on the progress of any booking you submit by logging back into your MyOpal account, and going to the "MyOpal Bookings" Page:

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